oh my madonna!

(Title a tribute to the upcoming glee madonna episode. Too excited ;))
So here’s a math problem for you. Take one heterosexual female, add her unprofessed love for Jim and Bill (unmentioned yet, but similar situation) then add “Dave”. That’s right, a Dave. As in, a guy that obviously has trouble hiding his crush on said female. The female is flattered, but has commitment issues, caused by guys like Jim and Bill…. and a natural suspicion towards guys like Dave.
So Dave obviously likes me, but I don’t like Dave that way. Plus I’ll admit I’m being ridiculous in my pining over Jim and Bill, but still! Dave isn’t the type of guy I go for ie. he’s about as funny as an orange. Sigh…. what to do?
I’m still searching for Oprah’s number. Lend a hand?


~ by optionalmusings on March 31, 2010.

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