oh my

Time remaining: 30 days. A month. Oh. My. God.
I can’t wait to go home again, but I’m suspecting there will be some depression. It blows my mind how you spend first semester pining, counting down the days until Christmas, but as soon as it’s time to leave for summer you don’t want to go. University’s so much easier than working full time, with the added bonus of living in pajama pants. I’m probably, no DEFINITELY, going to miss it. Providing, that is, I pass journalism..

In (slightly) related news, formal’s coming up and I am more excited than I should be. It’s not that big of a deal, but I am considering it to be the prom I never had, which automatically qualifies it as a big deal. I have a dress — which I have had since high school so that helps — but I am on the hunt for shoes. I have a pair in mind, the only drawback being that they are mucho expensivo for someone without a job… I’ll update the sitch as it happens.
Bonus points if you can say “Shoe Sitch” ten times fast. I can’t.


~ by optionalmusings on March 15, 2010.

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