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Possibly my only consistent reader just bugged me to update. So here I am, updating my sorry little blog on my sorry little life.

Exams suck. Period. Full stop. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to your face and you should never speak to them again. Nothing takes more of a toll on your cranium than doing 5 exams in 7 days, with the added bonus of an NLS exam thrown in just for kicks. Plus, I’m stressing over two of the subjects (one of them consequently being my major) and they happen to be the first two exams written. Oh the joy!
Actually stress is a solid understatement. Stress is practically leaking through my ears in a gaseous form, I’m so full of it. My only light in this dark tunnel is the fact that summer is 8 days away, and that there’s an obese chocolate easter bunny on my shelf just waiting to be gnawed on. It’s ridiculous how in love with it I am right now.
Otherwise, the greatest excitement in my life right now is glee on Tuesday. It’s an Idina episode, which I’m so excited about because she is my idol.
Ooh, plus I’m starting to pack up all my stuff in my room to take on a plane in hefty bags. It’s making me realize how much shit it is possible to accumulate in eight months. I’m taking on pack-rat tendencies now apparently…

So yeah, just trying to keep my head above water, figuratively and soon to be literally. What may help keep the float is a kitty post (I ran low on puppies..):


oh my madonna!

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(Title a tribute to the upcoming glee madonna episode. Too excited ;))
So here’s a math problem for you. Take one heterosexual female, add her unprofessed love for Jim and Bill (unmentioned yet, but similar situation) then add “Dave”. That’s right, a Dave. As in, a guy that obviously has trouble hiding his crush on said female. The female is flattered, but has commitment issues, caused by guys like Jim and Bill…. and a natural suspicion towards guys like Dave.
So Dave obviously likes me, but I don’t like Dave that way. Plus I’ll admit I’m being ridiculous in my pining over Jim and Bill, but still! Dave isn’t the type of guy I go for ie. he’s about as funny as an orange. Sigh…. what to do?
I’m still searching for Oprah’s number. Lend a hand?

my life be like ooh ahh

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Pardon the neglect, I’ve been super busy. Then again, my dashboard says that, at best, three people read my thoughts per day. So thank you mystery people, but I doubt it’s all that imperative.
Anywhoo, since my last post, I became certified to teach little kids and sinking adults how to swim. I never plan on pursuing it, as I have very little patience with kids or incompetent adults, but I need it to become a lifeguard. So, I guess if my boss tells me so, I might have to use it, and we just may find that a pool noodle makes for an awesome prodding device.
Update numero deux, we’re at 23 days. AH. This requires a motivational puppy post:

oh my

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Time remaining: 30 days. A month. Oh. My. God.
I can’t wait to go home again, but I’m suspecting there will be some depression. It blows my mind how you spend first semester pining, counting down the days until Christmas, but as soon as it’s time to leave for summer you don’t want to go. University’s so much easier than working full time, with the added bonus of living in pajama pants. I’m probably, no DEFINITELY, going to miss it. Providing, that is, I pass journalism..

In (slightly) related news, formal’s coming up and I am more excited than I should be. It’s not that big of a deal, but I am considering it to be the prom I never had, which automatically qualifies it as a big deal. I have a dress — which I have had since high school so that helps — but I am on the hunt for shoes. I have a pair in mind, the only drawback being that they are mucho expensivo for someone without a job… I’ll update the sitch as it happens.
Bonus points if you can say “Shoe Sitch” ten times fast. I can’t.


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Finally got to donate blood today!
Now, that may same like a trivial thing, not worth the effort of putting up on the internet, but it is to me. It’s on my bucket list. Number 4, specifically.
Plus, I’ve tried to donate blood 4 times already and all 4 times I have been rejected for various reasons. It’s odd how determined I was for someone to stick a GIANT needle in me — that thing was a beast of a needle! — but it’s on the list so it’s gotta be done. Plus you feel good about yourself doing it. The Oreos after don’t hurt either ;)

puppy post!

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I’m sick/tired. I need a puppy post.

epiphanies run my life

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Once again, it’s 10 PM the night before shit is due, and there’s enough caffeine in my system to propel me through the night.

My epiphany for the week is that I’m getting lazy. Dangerously lazy. As in, I completely wrote the wrong name for a character in my Film assignment in which the subject WAS THAT CHARACTER. Or, that I hadn’t started this Journalism interview plan until 3 hours ago, 13 hours before it’s due. Or, that I haven’t picked up any of my textbooks since October and it’s nearing finals time.
Sighhhhh I think it’s time for an intervention. Anyone know Oprah’s number?